About us

Leuchtkäfer is an online specialty bookstore. We sell educational children’s books with Asian themes, by Asian authors and in multiple languages, mainly traditional Chinese and English.

Our vision is all children growing up in multi-cultural families forge strong connections to their roots, embrace their cultures to the fullest and let their lights shine in the world.

Our mission is to support multi-cultural parents nurture and bond with their children through the magic of books and the power of reading together. We believe that a rich literary landscape serves as a bridge between cultures, fosters understanding, and builds a sense of identity.

Our bookstore caters to parents and caregivers, who seek educational books for children that reflect diverse cultures, different languages and experiences.

Our book collection spans a range of genres and age groups, featuring delightful illustrations and stories that explore the customs and traditions of Asian cultures. Our books are handpicked to ensure optimal enjoyment for both parents/ caregivers and children. We procure directly from authors, illustrators and/or publishers, along with our dedication to continuously scouting new titles and supporting local authors.

Our commitment to quality, diversity and the celebration of cultural heritage is at the core of our bookstore's ethos.

We are excited to embark on this literary journey with you and your family. Together, let's nurture the beautiful tapestry of multi-culturalism in the hearts and minds of our children - one story at a time.


What is Leuchtkäfer?

Leuchtkäfer is a German word that translates to "firefly" or “lightning bug” in English and “螢火蟲” in traditional Chinese. "Leucht" means "light", and "kaefer" means "bug" or “beetle”.

Leuchtkäfer symbolizes the illumination of knowledge and ideas. Our store’s name is inspired by the concept of an ordinary bug being transformed into a beautiful lightning beetle, celebrating the idea that everyone can shine brightly in their pursuits through the enlightenment from reading.

Who founded Leuchtkäfer?

Leuchtkäfer is founded by Phyllis Kong in mid-2023 during her maternity leave. Phyllis was born and raised in Hong Kong. She lived in 5 different countries and currently residing in Germany. As a new mom, she realized the challenges of introducing her culture to her half-Asian child in a country far away from her roots. She could not find any high-quality traditional Chinese or bilingual tradition Chinese/ Englishbooks and stories in languages that resonated with her cultural heritage. She knew she could not be the only parent facing this dilemma and began sharing her challenges with other parents who, like her, were navigating the intricate path of raising multi-cultural children in foreign lands. This collective realization sparked the idea of creating an online specialty bookstore. Phyllis is a full-time employee in a FMCG multinational company. She works for this small startup business outside normal working hours and when her baby is asleep with the support of her husband.

Where do you procure your books?

We acquire our books directly from authors, illustrators, and/or publishers. We procure our current titles from Hong Kong and the US. We are also passionate about promoting local talent and actively seek out books by local authors and illustrators. If you are a local author or illustrator who wish to distribute your books in line with our business concept, please contact us.